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Sunday, 26 July 2009

A lovely weekend away

We've been away this weekend to visit family, and had a lovely time down in Dorset! It is nice to get away from the daily grind of being at home, and I haven't been down that way for some years! So thanks To Marilyn, Dave, Holly and Lucy for making it a lovely weekend!

In other news someone posted a comment on my blog the other day that I want to personally reply to - here is the comment:

You were lucky to have a healthy child, because for every ok ivf baby born the odds worsen for others.

The BBC broadcast this on Thursday 23rd on their breakfast news, warning of multiple births. These problems are hardly surprising when life starts in a glass petrie dish instead of flesh.

Clearly this person hasn't actually bothered to read my blog because I haven't actually had a healthy child (yet) and I guess they haven't thought about the fact that for me and my husband we have NO CHOICE but to use IVF as a way to have a family.

Yes we are fully aware of the issues that multiple births can bring, but I guess they haven't done the same level of research that I have.

I bet they didn't know that in 2006 (there isn't much data available yet for post 2006) there were 662,915 maternities in the UK (England and Wales).

Of those there were only 10,137 multiple maternities - that's a whopping 1.53%

Of those 10,137 multiples 98.57% were twins (9,992) the rest were triplets or above (just 145 in total - 1.43%).

Of these twins 119 were stillborn which is 1.19% of all twins born - where as the other 9,788 were live births.

Out of the 652,778 singleton pregnancies - 649,421 were live birth, and 3,357 were stillborn.

Sadly I can't find figures for babies needing care in SCBU, but it just goes to show that while multiples might be a little riskier - it's not that different to singletons, and there are way more singletons that are stillborn than multiples each year.

So quit the lecture and do your research - I'm still thrilled to be having twins, nothing anyone can say will make me think otherwise - I paid for this treatment myself, so I have the right to choose to have two embryos put back.

I'd love to know if the person has ever had fertility issues, because I don't expect they know what it feels like to have no fallopian tubes, been through half of what we have and still want a family - come and have a go if you think you are hard enough.


Anonymous said...

Elly just looked at your blog today & your quite right in all you say...a friend of mine was told many years ago they wouldn't be able to have children; as she had many problems; her fallopian tubes, ME & other health problems, but today she has 3 healthy children because she never gave up after 10 keep positive..

Love & Light xx

Vickie said...

To whoever posted that on the blog I say you should actually read what you are commenting on before saying stupid things. You don't even have to read the whole thing - just the intro to see that Elly and Chris have no live children.

Elly - ignore them, they are ignorant people with nothing better to do. You are having two perfect babies and that's cause for celebration!!!

Happy 10 weeks today - quarter of the way there.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to be wrong, because I was recently diagnosed as infertile but an not so sure about the study you published because there are alot of organsations that are speiclising in multiple births, so it can't be no problem at all. What are they doing there if there is no problem?

Anonymous said...

Well Elly, I say don't listen to ignorant people and certainly do not let them stress you out! The stupid person who commented really wants to be ignorant, because if they did not want to be ignorant, all they have to do is read and research!
Sorry I have not been in touch lately but I have been hospitalized 3 times in the past 3 weeks for severe morning sickness - had to have IV fluid for a total of 14 days as I was so dehydrated. Really scary - I was being told my kidneys and liver would shut down if they did not get fluid in me quickly.
I am at home now and trying hard not get go back in hospital, at least not until I have this baby! I hope my baby is okay for everything it has been through. I am praying for you every day and I truly believe you will have the happy out come you have been waiting for!

Lots of love and hugs,
Deidre (koalaohbaby) - your fellow SGFC patient