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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

7 weeks and 2 days pregnant

Once you know you are pregnant and have waited what feels like a lifetime for this to happen (again) there is something that happens to time that just seems to make it slow down.

When I'm not trying to get pregnant the weeks just fly by, so much so that I find it hard to keep up and work keeps me busy, but now every day feels like it is taking a week to get through.

It's hard to think about much other than the fact I'm pregnant with twins, even though I have work to do - I just want to be able to get on my my normal day now but this is just not proving to be very easy.

I have more than enough to keep me occupied, but that will not help speed up time. Argh!

In other news a very good friend of mine is also pregnant - turns out she is just 1 week ahead of me which is fantastic news as we can whine at each other about our symptoms as much as we like and not bore the other!!! Congrats to Tracy :)

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