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Sunday, 12 July 2009

I've been a bit sick

Sorry for the away time! I've really not been very well since Wednesday of last week, it started with a sore throat and progressed to a very nasty cold that has had me snuggled up on the sofa since Thursday.

It was so bad I even had to let Chris do the cooking - which if you know him, you'll know isn't a terribly good idea!!

On top of all of this, I suffered a little nausea which left me hurling down the toilet which in turn left me with a really nasty pain in my lower back! the last 4 days have been hell!

I'm feeling better today though and I should be able to resume my work duties from tomorrow, which I'm pleased about as I have a lot to do for several clients at the moment!

The back pain is still there, but much better than it was, and I can finally breathe, although I'm somewhat stuffy still.

I also had a little more red bleeding on Thursday, but once again it's tailed off to brown spotting, so I'm not going to panic as I know it's all OK.

We have out next scan on Friday of this week, and I'm at the doctors on Wednesday for my first midwife appointment, so things are moving along nicely!

I'll be 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

Oh - before I sign off for today - I'd like to say a big Thank You to Steve and Gina who sent us a fab book called Twins - Double trouble and how to survive them! I'm hoping there are some good tips in there :)

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