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Friday, 24 July 2009

Another great service from the NHS part 2

What a day it's been.

I needed to get 2 prescriptions today, so I called my doctors this morning, and the receptionist asked me what I needed (they always want to know why you want to see a doctor!) and they said they'd get it sorted out for me and there was no need to see the doctor.

Great I thought - All I need are the two prescriptions...

I got a call 20 minutes ago telling me they were ready. So off I go to collect them. Only when I get there, only one of them is ready and the other won't be done until later this afternoon.

When I asked the receptionist why they weren't both done at the same time she argued with me that one was a repeat prescription so it's on the system and takes longer...

Maybe it's my simpleton view on things, but surely if the doctor was around to print and sign one this morning, he could have done the other one at the same time? Or would that just be too obvious?

Personally I think the receptionist screwed up and didn't bother to request both.

Now I have to go back again later to get the other one. Great.

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