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Friday, 24 July 2009

A great service from the NHS - Not.....

I know the NHS are currently bogged down with swine flu sufferers but this shouldn't affect their maternity team right?

Two weeks ago I had my first appointment with my midwife who filled out a bunch of forms and generally offered me very little in the way of advice on how to deal with a twin pregnancy.

She wrote that I was high risk, that I'd have 5 losses and that I had had some bleeding already, and that I should be under consultant care and looked after as a special case.

After we lost Matthew they said our next pregnancy would be looked after more closely too!

So much for that - so far I've heard nothing from the hospital. I'm due to get a Nuchal scan in 2 weeks - but I don't have a date for it yet, I should have been given some advice on the first trimester on getting through and what I should be doing with regards to healthy eating etc - but nothing...

I have bought a few books on twin pregnancies, if it wasn't for those books I'd have had no advice whatsoever.

So thanks NHS for all your support during this stressful time for me, we appreciate being ignored and love the fact that we have no idea what is going on or when we will get to actually meet a doctor.

Perhaps I should take up drinking and smoking - I'd have an appointment tomorrow!


Almamay said...

I had a similar experience with getting into the system. It was distressing and annoying because you are completely right, they only seem to care about you if you are drinking, smoking or drugging. Or if 13 years old and pg. To h*ll with those of us who take care of ourselves and long for a baby.

Having said that, once I got in the system they have been very good. They didn't spend much energy on me until I was 20 weeks. Go figure as care early in the pg is so much more important.

Have you tried calling PALS about your scan? I've found them very helpful.

Anonymous said...

You were lucky to have a healthy child, because for every ok ivf baby born the odds worsen for others.

The BBC broadcast this on Thursday 23rd on their breakfast news, warning of multiple births. These problems are hardly surprising when life starts in a glass pterie dish instead of flesh.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure pals will help, hope so or they might think that you have spent equal to their two years' salary - on geting pregnant by a strnager.


Better dress down!

Drowned Girl said...

Can you call the hospital directly, ask for your previous consultant's secretary?

Or if you don't have a name, try the Supervisor of Midwives, and get an in that way?

Or see your GP and ask for a referral now?

Patty said...

How on earth do you (and other people in the UK & Canada) manage without timely access to proper healthcare? A Canadian girl I met on the "fertilitythoughts" message board is also 10 weeks along. Her general practitioner won't refer her to an obstetrician for 4 more weeks. She's had no prenatal care at all.

I'm praying for you & your babies, Elly. Grow strong, stay strong, little ones!