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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

NHS is whining again about IVF abroad costing them money!

I've seen this story before, and quite frankly it annoys me.

The NHS do nothing but whine about how people are going abroad and having multiple embryos put back (which you can also do in the UK - even though they are trying to stop it).

Yet the NHS do very little to help women who need IVF in the first place. Some people say 'it's a lifestyle choice', those tend to be the ones who can have children.

For women like myself though, it's not a lifestyle 'choice' at all - I lost my fallopian tubes due to ectopic pregnancies, not something I have control over - am I then expected to give up my wish for a family because a doctor remove my ability to conceive naturally?

We had 4 rounds of IVF in the UK - it cost us over £25,000 - we got no tax breaks, no help from the NHS and no money back guarantees.

So we turned to a clinic in America, who for $20,000 promised that they would get us pregnant or give us our money back - IN FULL!

Shady Grove Fertility Centre in America are very responsible, they asked how many embryos we wanted to put back, they also push for only putting one back as they know that you still have as good a chance to get pregnant.

We chose two, as we have always done (even in the UK) because we want the best chance possible, and we were always hoping for twins - I'd like two children, and after nine rounds of IVF I don't want to do it again.

Perhaps if the NHS lived up to it's promise and gave the couples in the UK who need it the three rounds of IVF that we are supposed to get - they would have the right to say that we can only put one embryo back.

Until then - they can piss off and stop whining!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is 'You are damn right, Elly!'
from your fellow SGFC patient!

Anonymous said...

NHS can stick it in their ear!
AGAIN from your fellow SGFC patient!