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Thursday, 16 July 2009

People who don't need IVF just don't get it...

After posting that story yesterday I added a comment to the Daily Mail site, which looking at today hasn't gone down too well!

There are other comments on there too like - well if they can afford to pay for private IVF, then they can afford to pay for the hospital treatment too! How naive is that. I'm pretty sure these comments come from people who have a choice and can have kids whenever they choose. My choice was taken away from me when I lost my fallopian tubes.

People say it's a lifestyle choice - but so is driving a car, but when they crash it into a tree and need an ambulance and surgery - you can bet that they want that for free!

I pay my taxes like a good citizen, I'm rarely sick and have never used the NHS for anything other than my ectopic pregnancies - so why do some people think that I'm not as entitled to medical care as they are?

Smoking is a lifestyle choice, but people get patches free, eating too much food is too - but you can get a gastric band now - and some are even getting sex changes!

The NHS is there to help people - whatever their medical needs, so why are fertility patients treated like this?

Seeing as I've paid for all of my own treatment, maybe I should ask for some of the tax money back that goes into the NHS, and as I don't have children in schools maybe I can have that back as well? See how they like that...


Vickie said...

Grrr that's wound me up so much. I can't believe some of the comments by the ignorant people on the site.

I have posted a comment but it's not showing yet.

Try not to let it bother you though - these people are morons and you have two very special reasons not to get work up right now.


Rich said...

Just goes to reinforce my opinion of people that read the DM. If we could just get rid of the fatty smoking dole scroungers I'm sure the NHS would suddenly find itself with a whole load more cash to spend on people that actually deserve the care. As someone that chooses not to have children, perhaps I can demand the portion of my taxes that would go to the nhs and education system gets diverted to your care? That would seem fair to me and I really wish I could people like you and Chris deserve a lot more than you are being given. You have worked so hard to make this happen and will make great parent. If only more parent could be like you the country wouldnt be the shite heap it is

Almamay said...

Found you through FF. Congrats on your PG!!!

Good post. I couldn't agree more. I've been ranting about the unfairness of the NHS provision of IF TX and the HFEA for years. It hasn't made me popular.