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Friday, 17 July 2009

So far so good this week

After a nasty scare at the beginning of this week we have now settled down to a nice easy pace. I'm still seeing some brown spotting but I'm no longer worrying about this as there is nothing I can do as as far as we can tell the babies are growing as they should be.

I had my first appointment with the midwife on Wednesday, although it was pretty uneventful so hardly anything to write about.

We filled in a load of forms, she registered me with the consultant at the hospital and took some blood for various tests.

So for the next few weeks I'm on my own. I should heard something from the hospital regarding the next official scan which will be around 12 weeks, and this should also include a visit to the consultant Ob/Gyn at the same time - but who knows!

Last time when I was pregnant with Matthew they found it hard to fit us in at the right times, so who knows what will happen this time, our poor hospitals are bursting at the seams and there aren't enough staff to go around these days - thanks Labour...

So for the next 4 weeks - it's just get on with life as normal. I'm not really experiencing much in the way of symptoms, no morning sickness (except if the cat does a stinky poo in the tray which makes me wretch uncontrollably!)

My boobs are not as sore as they were but I'm assuming my body has adjusted to the extra progesterone, and I'm still eating every 2 hours.

My tummy is expanding a little already, but then there are two of them in there!

Roll on 12 weeks:)

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