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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, 28 August 2009

Almost 15 weeks!

Well there isn't much news on the baby front except that time seems to drag some weeks and speed through others! It's hard to believe we are almost at 15 weeks already - yet I can't get through the next 9 weeks fast enough really.

I'm still having bleeding daily, although it's not bright red and scary like it was with Matthew, and we are checking the sound of their heartbeats once a week to ensure they are still doing OK - this just about keeps me sane from one week to the next.

I find it hard to get through each day without thinking about them and wondering how it will all turn out though - I still pray that all will be OK, and I'm still not feeling safe, but as each day passes we inch closer to having them here with us.

I love looking at the development each week and can't wait for the next stage - we are really looking forward to being able to feel them kick properly (especially Chris who can't wait to feel my tummy moving) I know we are still a few weeks away from this yet but it's still exciting to think about.

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