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Thursday, 27 August 2009

British Gas are pants

After the message I posted the other day when I mentioned how British Gas sent the wrong person to me, well the 2nd person - (the plumber) eventually turned up. I'm not sure why he bothered really as he just wasted everyone's time!

The issue we have is simple, little black floaty bits are coming out of the hot tap only in the bath (and only in the bath). So I called British Gas to get them to come and look as we have their plumbing cover (not for much longer!).

At first he said it was the taps, and probably the washer in the taps - hardly likely as the bathroom was brand new four months ago! So I called our regular plumber who told him the washers were ceramic, so it couldn't be bits of rubber.

Then he goes into the attic and looks in the cold water tank - spends 2 minutes in there and comes back to say you have some grit in there and that's what it is. (I know it's not grit as grit doesn't disintegrate in your fingers like the black bits do) - He called his boss, who said that to fix this is an 'improvement' and then he left!

I've made 3 called to British Gas to complain as I don't believe this is what it is at all, if it was we'd be getting 'grit from all the taps not just the hot tap in the bath.

The first lady hung up on me as I wanted to speak with her manager - the second call went nowhere as they claimed I was speaking to the wrong department (despite calling the complaints number advertised on their website) and the third call they were supposed to call me back - but so far, as expected after 2 days - nothing.

Sigh - another battle to fight today....

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