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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Why does everything have to be so hard?

It's been one of those days - and it's only 11.30am.

We've just had a lovely few days off, we have family staying with us this week and have been to Bournemouth airshow, and to Legoland, as well as a little shopping in between.

Today they have gone to the zoo, but for me and Chris normal life has resumed as we have to go back to work.

British Gas are meant to be here today to look at a plumbing issue that I reported last week. So the guy just arrived and asked me what's wrong with my heating. "Nothing" I said - "it's the plumbing".

"Oh I can't deal with that, we'll have to send someone else" he says. Great.

So the stupid lady who took my call didn't pay any attention to the fact I told her I think we have an issue with the hot water tank, and sent a heating engineer. Nice one British Gas.

On top of that I was looking up info this morning on the Bounty packs. They are free packs that you get when you are pregnant, containing free samples, info and advice and lots of other goodies - according to their website you are supposed to get one when you see your midwife for the first time - but as usual I didn't get one! I have seen other ladies with this at the hospital, so you must be able to get them round here!

I can't get the second pack, unless I get the voucher from the first pack - typical.

Oh and my maternity exemption card still hasn't arrived, so there is another phone call to chase it...

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