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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Consultant appointment today

Today we went to the hospital to see the consultant after the '12 week' scan.

Our main goal was to ensure that they understood how anxious we have been, and how scared we are every day! and that we wanted a little more care to ensure that we get these babies into the world safely and past 36 weeks!

We were there for over an hour and the consultant was really good, he sat and listened, and has agreed to see me again in three weeks, plus we will have a scan at 20, 24, 28 weeks etc - which has made us feel a little more comfortable with the whole thing.

Overall things went well, so we will have to see if this continues throughout the pregnancy!

He also mentioned that we are likely to have a C-Section as it's the safest way to deliver twins, we really don't care how they are delivered, just as long as they are safe!

So there is a possibility if we make it to 38 weeks that our C Section will be around the 6th Feb 2010!!!

Can't wait:)

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