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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Goodbye Mr Rash

This is a posting I have dreaded making, over the years we have had many cats, at one point we had 6! but sadly due to accidents on a road, or illness most of them have left us. This time it was Rasher's turn.

He was my favourite of them all, he was 14 years old and I'd had him since he was an 8 week old kitten. His personality was just lovely - he was such a friendly old mog, everybody loved Mr Rash. He was fat, cuddly, soft and gentle with a big deep purr.

A few weeks ago we took him to the vets as he was eating on one side, they said he would need a few teeth out so we took him in and he had two teeth removed, he hates the vet and came home in a very sullen mood, and just never recovered.

He stopped eating and lost over 1kg in weight over the following 2 weeks, we took him back to the vets for a checkup after the first week and they said it was probably just the soreness in his mouth, and sent him on his way.

A week later he still wasn't eating and had become listless and quiet, even though there was still a little spark about him.

We took him back to the vets on Wednesday last week and she had a good feel in his tummy area and told us there was a mass, so on Thursday he went under the anaesthetic again and they went in for a look.

She found that his liver was the wrong colour and was covered in nodules that were not supposed to be there, she assumed they were tumours and the best course of action was to put him to sleep:(

We had him home on Thursday night for one last time, I couldn't bare to be parted from him before then, but you could tell he wasn't well.

On Friday at 4.30pm, he passed peacefully into a deep and forever sleep with the aid of the vet.

We will both miss him terribly. He was more than just a pet, he was a friend and he was a big part of this family.

Goodbye Mr Rash, we love you.

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