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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Twins club

You know what they say, first rule is you don't talk about twins club, 2nd rule is you don't talk about twins club - oh sorry that's fight club! lol

Anyway, we went to our first twins night at the hospital on Friday night - it runs for 3 weeks and is there for the parents to be of twins.

We weren't really sure what to expect but thought that it would be informative and interesting, which to some degree it was - but we soon realised that we are actually very well informed already and knew about 98% of what the 2 midwives talked about!

They ran through some of the basics, such as how do twins sit in the uterus, what positions they could be in for birth, and what drugs are available for labour. Some of this doesn't apply to us as we are booked for a c-section so I listened with interest but didn't pay too much attention until she talked about Epidural and Spinal Block drugs which is what I'm likely to have (spinal block).

It seems the spinal block is very similar to an epidural only it lasts for a shorter amount of time and can't be topped up - this is used when a c-section is planned as it speeds recovery from the drugs after the section has been performed.

So all in all it was an OK evening, we will go again next week as there may be the odd thing that we aren't aware of and also they are going to do a tour of the SCBU on the third week which we would like to see.

At the moment Chris is up in the 'nursery' doing a little more decorating, just going over the gloss work again and painting the ceiling white as his parents are coming week after next to help with the walls as they need lining and painting - then it will be ready to put furniture in!

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