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Monday, 30 November 2009

28 weeks pregnant

Another mini milestone for us today, It's such an amazing feeling for me to be here and for everything to be going OK. I'm still finding it hard to let it sink in that the girls might actually be coming, and that this time - after 5 pregnancy losses and 9 rounds of IVF - I might ACTUALLY be a mum!

According to some sites I'm now officially in the third trimester - although Chris has been convinced we were there already for 2 weeks now!

I've also read (but am more than aware of) the fact that if they were born now, they would probably survive but would need intensive, special care. The final two months of gestation are important for further maturation of all body systems and organs. So hang in there for a few more weeks little ones!

By this week, they may measure 37.6cm from top to toe. At about this time, they can open their eyes and turn their head in the uterus if they notice a continuous, bright light shining from the outside. (I wish I could see inside!)

Their fat layers are forming which will help their skin to lose its wrinkled appearance. Their bones are nearly developed, although they are still soft and pliable – they won’t harden properly until after birth.

Also their nostrils are now open and their lungs are developing air sacs. They are now taking on a more normal flesh colour and a less wrinkled appearance.

As they grow bigger they will have less space to turn and roll, but will still kick vigorously. (tell me about it - they are kicking and moving quite a lot now and it's amazing!) Their arms and legs will pull up towards their chests as they find a position which is comfortable for their developing size (and as they try to find some space in there!).

They will also be learning to live with the sound of my blood humming and whooshing and all my digestive gurglings. (poor girls!) Apart from the lungs, all their major organs are now functioning. The lungs are still full of amniotic fluid and the air-exchange sacs (alveoli) will not be formed for several more weeks.

So - some good development going on this week - just keep growing - even if I do look like a Buddha now!

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