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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Another crap scan!

We went for our second 4D scan yesterday - the one that was supposed to make up for the fact the last one was not very good, and sadly this one wasn't any better :(

We didn't get anything on the twin that is on the left as she is head down and not in a good position so all we got was a little bit on the one on the right.

I will sort out the DVD footage this weekend and hope to get a few snaps and maybe a little bit of video over the next few days.

I have to say though I'm very disappointed with this - it cost £150 and to be honest other than seeing that they are OK (which we can do at the hospital for free) - we didn't really get anything useful from this that shows us what the girls might look like.

We aren't sure if it's down to Future Babies scanning equipment, or if what they were telling us was true and that they were just in the wrong place. I guess we won't know unless I hear from other ladies who have had similar bad experience at the same scanning place.

Ahh well, they will be here in 10 weeks, so we will just have to have a little more patience!


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed you had to pay for the scan if you didn't get good images, for our first son we had a 4D scan and got almost nothing BabyBond didn't charge us anything!
You should really complain, if they said you'd get better than you did.
Nothing will beat seeing them for real, best of luck, willfollow your blog as the excitment grows :0)

Vickie said...

Have just left a message on your FB. Sorry your scan wasn't as good as hoped. Future babies was good for us.