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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hospital scan today

We went for a hospital scan and appointment today, we didn't get any pictures this time as they are now too big to see on screen, you only manage to see legs, arms and other such body parts! so they no longer do pictures, but they do check their weights and they have grown quite a bit since the last hospital scan!

Twin 1 is in the breech position (head up, feet down) and she now weights 2lbs and 14ozs (1318g)

Twin 2 (who is actually nearest the exit!) is in the Cephalic position (head down, feet up) and has her head so low down in my pelvis the sonographer had a hard time measuring the circumference of her head!. She weighs 2lb and 12 ozs (1238g).

I also had some bloods taken today and also an anti-d injection (which hurt!).

Once again we didn't get to see our consultant, instead we saw Mohammed, a locum registrar who quite frankly smelled 'really bad' of BO and had bad breath, he also had really bad dandruff and a cold (and was sniffling into a tissue), I had planned to ask for a cervix check, but was put off immediately by his poor hygiene standards!!

We are back again on New Years eve for the next scan and hopefully we will get to see our actual consultant next time as he hasn't been there for the last two visits!

I've also managed to pull a couple of pictures from the 4D scan, they are of righty (Twin 1) - we didn't get any footage at all of lefty, so we'll just have to wait until they are born!

In this one you can see her face, and also lefty's leg which is the funny thing you see wrapped around her cheek (foot up by her ear!)

This one you can sort of see her face, but its a bit blurred with things (not sure what) that are covering bits, but it's the best we could get :(

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