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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Getting things ready

Chris is off this week and we are using the time to start getting things ready for the arrival of the twins - but now that we have bought most of the big things (and still waiting for some things to arrive) - what can we do?

We've put some of their clothes away, can't put the cots up yet as they aren't here, the moses baskets arrived yesterday but I'm too scared to get them out of their packaging in case we have to send them back, and the packs of nappies are stacking up in the cupboard.

Now what?....

I suppose we should start thinking about getting a hospital bag ready as twins are notorious for coming early, but we still feel like it's too soon.

I have already bought some new PJ's and slippers, I can get my wash bag ready in minutes and if they came this early we wouldn't need anything for them anyway as they would be in special care - so once again - Now what??

I hate waiting...

I'm still suffering with Braxton Hicks quite frequently - I know this isn't going to go away now, still getting back ache, groin pain, pains in my hips at night and ligament pains too.

The heartburn has gone away though!!! :)

If they don't come early (which I'm hoping they won't!) then they will be here 11 weeks today - that is just 77 days!


Anonymous said...

If you have any odd jobs that need doing (eg doing photo albums, sorting out paperwork or whatever it may be) do it now!! Cause once they're born you won't have time to or want to do it.
Looking forward to seeing you next week. Helena x

Rachel Gurevich said...

Hi! Just wanted to tell you I've been reading along for a long time, and just love your updates. I think we're about the same week (I'm 29 weeks today), also with twins... you were at one time reading my blog at Conceive Magazine, which is how I found your blog. :)

Anyway, just wanted to say keep on posting, I love your updates!