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Monday, 7 December 2009

29 weeks pregnant

Almost at the big 30 - one week closer to them actually being here, it's becoming a reality at long long last!

This week the babies now weigh around 3lb and measures about 38.6cm from head to toe. Head hair is beginning to grow. In boys (not important for us!), testicles have descended from near the kidneys through the groin en route to the scrotum. In girls, the clitoris is relatively prominent because it's not yet covered by the still-small labia. These will grow to cover it in the last few weeks before birth.

Their heads are getting bigger, and brain growth is rapid at this time. Nearly all babies react to sound and light by 30 weeks.

Their nutritional needs reach their peak during the third trimester. According one sone site I will now need plenty of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and calcium (about 200mg is deposited in their skeleton every day!), so I have to eat foods rich in these nutrients. (well I already have been right the way through, so nothing much will change here!)

Their skeleton hardens even more and the brain, muscles, and lungs continue to mature.

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