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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Braxton Hicks are a pain in the uterus!

Yesterday we ended up at the hospital as I've been suffering with Braxton Hicks lately.

I've been getting them on and off for several weeks now, mostly irregularly but on Monday they decided to come more frequently and I found I was getting them every 15 minutes.

Yesterday this increased to every 10 minutes, so in order to ensure this wasn't an issue I called the midwife to check and see if there was anything I can do.

Their advice was to come in to the delivery suite so they can monitor me for a little while and consider whether I should have a steroid injection for the babies lungs.

Anyway, we were in there for just over four hours, during which time they put me on a monitoring machine to keep an eye on their heartbeats and to also monitor the tightenings (Braxton Hicks contractions).

All was well and they decided to give me the steroid jab as a precaution - it won't do them any harm and will help their lungs mature a little faster just in case they decide to come early.

I had to go back this morning for the 2nd jab - and now I'm going to take it easy and see if we can slow the recurrence of these damn Braxton Hicks!

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