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Friday, 4 December 2009

It's like Christmas is coming!

Oh yeah, it is....

Yesterday the Toys R Us box arrived, we now have the baby changing station, 2 changing mats (one for downstairs and one for their room!) two sleeping bags for them, the bot bumpers, their wall stickers and a few other smaller bits and pieces!!!

Today we are expecting the pram to arrive, tomorrow we have to go to the post office to collect a parcel, which I think is the changing bag, and Monday/Tuesday we will be getting the cots!

I think we have now just about bought everything that we will need, but still it hasn't dawned on me that this is real! I'm just going through the motion and doing what is expected of me at almost 29 weeks.

When I have them in my arms, I might finally believe it!


Wendy from Maryland said...

So exciting, isn't it? I'm also pregnant with twins via IVF @ SGFC! I'm just about 10 days behind you, but way farther behind on the preparation front!! Hubby is more concerned about getting a proper vehicle than prepping the room! Oh well, we'll get there! Have fun opening packages and setting things up!

Anonymous said...

Elly I so loved reading this and seeing your excitement. Thinking of you and Chris and wishing the next 10 weeks flies by for you so you can finally have your little girls in your arms. Lots of love TracyKB