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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

8 weeks today they will be here!

Our C-Section is booked in for 8 weeks today!

I read today that 43% of twin pregnancies don't make it past 37 weeks - so that gives us a 57% chance of having them before the due date....

We are ready though - I think we've been ready for years, well prepared anyway - not sure if ready is the right word!

We have a lot of twin mum friends these days, and I've been chatting to lots of them recently, there are all the Woking ladies that I met in 2006 when we first started doing IVF, many of which now have 2 year old twins and have been a valuable source of information on what to expect in those first few years.

There are the Fertility Friends twin mums - a group of people most of whom I've never met but chat daily on an online forum about every detail of their pregnancies and births and the first few months.

And not forgetting the Frimley twin mums, a local group of ladies who are all either still pregnant (and not far off giving birth) or have given birth in the last few weeks, who I'm sure will all become good friends (we've already done coffee and lunch meetings!) as we lean on each other for help/advice/ideas over the coming months.

The one thing that stands out more than anything though is how hard everyone says it is, how little sleep you get but how rewarding it is to finally have those babies in your arms.

Everyone knows with a singleton you get very little sleep and it's hard work - so I'm wondering how different it will be with two - and I think I am going to find that whatever I think it's going to be like - I should scrap that and see how it 'really' is!

Wish us luck.....

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