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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bump pic at 28 weeks

OK so this one is a little different! Being that I'm a photographer, and I have done a lot of work in the past with nudes, I clearly have an appreciation for the shape of the human body and I simply adore curves and black and white nude photography.

So for once, I've allowed myself to be photographed this way! (I'm usually on the other side where I prefer it!) but as I'm pregnant I really wanted to capture the beauty of what is happening and so here it is:

A one shot deal to see me in the nude (albeit tastefully done!) and looking (according to the husband!) radiant and gorgeous! to me I look huge and nude, but opinions will vary!


Rachel said...

I agree with your husband - you look AMAZING! Wow. I'm so jealous. :)

How did you manage not to get any stretch marks? Or does black and white make that less apparent? I've got streaks all over my tummy.

PS. regarding your moment of contractions, drink TONS of water and seriously just lounge around... a lot. It's what I've been doing, and those scary contractions hardly come now.

Anonymous said...

schleuss claps hands. All will be well, can't wait.

Tony said...

brilliant... so glad you did.. Lynne regrets never having pics when she was pregnant

This is one of a few times when you body changes for something wonderful record and treasure