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Sunday, 13 December 2009

A busy weekend

We got a lot done this weekend, well Chris did (I mostly sat around and watched!) but the nesting has begun!

The Christmas tree is now in and decorated, rooms have been tidied and cots now built. Stuff was taken to the tip, things were returned to stores that were no good, and things we don't need were stored in the attic.

Now that we have both cots up we have begun to realise how HUGE they are! they are bigger than we thought even and take up much of the room! We aren't too worried though as this is the smaller of our spare rooms, so they will get the bigger room when they are a little older - this room is however right next to ours so for the first year it's ideal to have them closer to us.

I've taken a quick picture on the phone so you can see just how much of the room they take up - I will take a better picture of the nursery when it's finished on my 'proper' camera!

We still have much to do in their, like putting up pictures and shelves and building the changing station and tidying too, so it's not done yet!

As for me I'm starting to find I'm getting tired very quickly, just a little walking or standing can leave me feeling exhausted (which I'm not liking at all!) so I'm generally opting for sitting a lot (with my feet up) which is also helping to calm the braxton hicks.

It's pretty horrid when I get one, that feeling of your tummy going totally solid is so weird, and bordering on painful at times too, so I'm doing my best to try and stop them as much as possible.

Hard to believe we are almost at 30 weeks!

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