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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Incompetance all round

What a week it has been, and most of it just plain annoying as other people have let me down and been incompetent in their jobs.

Today's incompetence was the hospital. We arrived on time for our appointment and waited an hour and a half, only to be called into a room by the anaesthetist, who sat us down and said "how are you? and so your having a c-section next week then?" NEXT WEEK????? I don't think so we said - we still have almost 4 weeks to go until the date that was agreed.

It turns out I'd been put on the wrong list, so back out into the waiting room we went and probably to the back of the queue - only to see a midwife for an anti-d jab and a blood pressure check.

All in all we were there over 2 hours :(

But on the good side, I've now had my anti-d jab, my blood pressure was OK and all is well with the babies, which quite frankly is all I care about right now!

But to demonstrate how incompetent other are, I've also had to deal with these issues this week:

1. The health in pregnancy grant screw up which I wrote about the other day, it seems all because the midwife wrote my due date down on the form as the 29th Feb - which doesn't exist this year...

2. Abbey bank still haven't sorted out my direct debit switches on my business account after 4 months, 3 letters of complaint and completing the switcher forms 3 times (2 of which they cunningly lost). Oh and they are now ignoring my complaints..

3. British Gas took 3 days to come out to fix a burst water pipe, not because they were busy it seems (which was their excuse at the time after 3 calls), but because they didn't bother to put the call through to Dyno Rod, the company that actually do the repairs until the morning they actually came out.

4. British Telecom told me after 3 weeks of waiting that they didn't have the order on their system for a new phone line for my dad - even though I had an email confirmation from them, so we had to place the order again.

5. Kwik Fit didn't have the battery in for my car which died, so they had to order a new one, only they got the wrong one so had to re-order it which has taken 4 days so far.

So there - all that in less than a week - can't you see how much fun I've been having dealing with the idiots who just don't seem to be able to get things right.

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