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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Replies to comments

I've had a few comments lately - which I love getting, however if you want me to reply, you must put your email address in them! I won't publish that onto the blog as I believe in privacy, but I also won't publish my email address either as it just gets picked up by spammers and added to even more crappy lists!

So to the lady who asked the following questions on Monday, I'll answer them here this time, but please add your email address next time so I can reply directly to you :)

Q1: Did you gain weight as a result of taking the Lupron?
No, not as far as I'm aware - you do sometimes gain a little weight while doing treatment but it's probably a combination of all the drugs and also binge eating because doing IVF sucks!! If you eat a healthy balanced diet I'm sure you can keep weight gain to a minimum.

Q2. What do you think was different this time? Why do you think it was successful this time in comparison to the other times?

I'm not sure, I've always had good results with getting good eggs and fertilization rates - the problem is always getting the embryos to stick - and that is entirely in the hands of mother nature - like couples who are trying naturally, some months it doesn't work and then after 8 months perhaps it does...

The only thing we did different this time was a much higher dose of the drugs - but all this does is stimulate the ovaries more to produce more eggs and a little faster..

You said that you have to do IVF as you only have one tube and that one is blocked - have you considered a laparoscopy to unblock that tube first?

I lost both tubes due to ectopic pregnancies, but prior to that somehow got pregnant three times with very blocked tubes - so anything is possible.

Don't give up hope...

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