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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Gaining weight

The health visitor came today and weighed the girls - they have each gained about a pound in weight in the last 9 days! Emily now weighs 6lb 10oz and Faith weighs 6lb 3 oz.

I've also been in 'practice' mode this week. Chris goes back to work next week :( and I will be here with the girls on my own, so as Chris is working from home this week, I've been doing everything during the day which is proving to be interesting!

Feeding mid morning is the hardest part of the day as they seem to want to be awake after this, and awake can mean grizzling, the hardest part is knowing which one to pick up and comfort first! they seem to tag team the crying!

I know I'm not alone as I'm friends with several other twin mums and it seems this is all perfectly normal, it just makes the work a little harder!

They are both feeding well, growing well and doing all the things that 3 week old babies do.

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