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Monday, 22 March 2010

Hip scan today

We had a lovely weekend - took the girls to Ikea for the first time on Saturday down in Southampton, it's very good there as they have great facilities for babies including bottle warmers and sofas to sit on to feed them, plus mummy and daddy get to have swedish meatballs! mmmmmmm

Today was their scan day up at the Aldershot health centre. Because Faith was breech they do a routine scan to ensure their hips are OK and don't need any physio.

We arrived on time and were pleasantly surprised to see there was no one waiting before us! it's a really nice facility up there too - much easier to get to than Frimley Park Hospital:)

The scans went well, Emily wee'd just as we were taking off her nappy and Faith did a huge stinky poo! We had changed Faith just before we left as she was a bit stinky but it seems she wasn't quite finished and decided to do it at the hospital. Oops

All is well though and both their hips are fine, so nothing to worry about :)


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your blog! We have fraternal twin girls (IVF) born at 37 weeks 2/4/10. It's quite the adventure. Their hip scans are tomorrow.

Colleen said...

Dear Elly,

I am the photojournalist that took your and Chris' photo when you were in Annapolis at Shady Grove. I have been reading your blog and I could not believe my eyes that you have twin girls now! I am soo happy for you. Who knew that a couple years later, I would be sitting in the same chair as you but as a patient and not a photographer? We will embark on our first IVF w/ ICSI cycle beginning in just a few short weeks. I kept thinking of you when I was sitting in the chair and how I really felt for you and Chris while you talked with your doc. Well, I am there now and I am ready to begin the journey and hop on the roller coaster.
What was most unbelievable was I was trying to find out what day you found out you were preggo with your little girls and guess what? It was me and my husband's exact wedding day, June 13 2009! I was all smiles as I saw it as a wonderful sign.
Congratulations to you and Chris!!! I know your little ones are so loved and have such deserving parents. Cheers! And if you ever need a place to stay in Annapolis, you have another place to stay!