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Friday, 19 March 2010

Six week check ups

I took the girls to see the Doctor yesterday for their six week check up - what a waste of time that was!

He looked at their eyes, listened to their heart and checked their hips (even though he knew we have a scan on Monday at the hospital as Faith was Breech), and that was it!

When I looked in their red books this morning, it seems he ticked off all the other boxes such as fontanelle, palate, spine - which he never bothered to check and sleeping concerns which he never asked me about.

I also asked him if he could prescribe me some Colief for faith for her wind, but he had never heard of it and it wasn't in his little 'book of drugs' so he said no - we have bought some today (it's £11 a bottle!) but I'm annoyed that as he is supposed to be the 'baby check up doctor' and not my usual GP, he should know these things!

We also saw the health visitor today who weighed the girls. Emily now weighs 8lb 10 ounces and Faith weighs 8lb 1 ounce - so they are growing well!

She also did the post natal depression test which is a series of questions to test my well being - I scored 1 out of 30 - which means I'm not suffering with post natal depression - she said they like to see it under 12 so I guess 1 is good!

We have a hip scan for them on Monday - it's a routine thing and I don't expect there to be any problems, but I'll update on here anyway.

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