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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Nine weeks old and first injections!

It's already going so fast, they are nine weeks old now and starting to take notice of the world around them.

We have starting to get lovely smiles from both Emily and Faith and they are so cute when they do that! I'm trying to get one on video so I can post it on here ;)

We've been away for the Easter weekend up to Hull to visit Chris's family. They all had a lovely time cuddling and feeding the girls who were mostly very well behaved, even during the six hour drive there and back!

They also had their injections yesterday which was horrible for them, I had to hold them while the nurse stuck a needle in each leg and it made them cry :( They have been OK since then, just very sleepy and none of the crying that the nurse said we might get, so we are very happy!

Other news is that they are now both sleeping through the night, well they have done for the last 4-5 days! We put them down after their last feed at 10pm and they are sleeping till 7am - bliss! Still get an occasional grumble where a dummy may have been spat out and wanted again, but they don't seem to need feeding at 3am any more. That makes us very happy :)


Shelly said...

They are are sooooo lucky they are sleeping through the night!

thetwinship said...

It's lovely when they sleep through, you start to feel much more human again! Both ours slept though from 10 weeks and still do now at 4 months. I'm kaz79 on the twin thread on FF by the way!

Anonymous said...

Jane here (Vancouver),

Oooh, how lovely they are!

Hope you are finding time (amongst the hectic schedule) to sit and savour them. I found, after my years of waiting for my daughter, that I couldn't really take it all in - that she was really here and really mine. Sometimes, I still feel that way, and that baby is now 11 with a little sister of 8!

Much love - sun shining over here and I'm looking out on the Pacific Ocean and thinking of you and Chris and the girls.