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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Talk, Talk Talk

I finally have an evening where there is nothing majorly pressing (although still many things to do) so I wanted to give another update.

I think I'm going to have to face facts that as a busy mum to 17 month twins, and running a new business is more than enough to keep me going and it just sucks up all of my time (when I'm not cleaning, washing, hoovering, clearing up toys etc!).

The girls have come on a lot in the last few months, it's hard to believe how rapid a child's development can be, and how quickly they learn new things to say or do. It doesn't seem that long ago I was spoon feeding them, now they eat all their meals with a fork (or spoon) and do quite well - OK there is mess, but not bad for their age! They do manage to get most of it in!

Their speech seems to be the biggest leap. We have come a long way from Emily's "Apple". Both of them are now putting words together like "mummy's here", "yes please", and "more milk" but Faith is running away with the ability to add new words to her vocabulary.

She has too many to remember, but over the last few days I've written down a few of the words she has come out with!

"Piece of paper" - said when she handed me her drawing
"I can't see" - said when she put her sunglasses on (they are dark lenses!)
"My mummy's gone" - said when I walked out the room

She also likes to shout out what she has, and we play with their plastic fruit and veg, she can say broccoli, corn, peas, onion, aubergine, pear, raspberry and a few others, and also knows the colours pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, brown!

She probably comes out with 2-3 new words a day at the moment! Emily is doing well too, and tries to say a few things that Faith says, some of which are very clear, some are still gibberish! But she will shout "purple" at the top of her voice if you ask her what something purple is!

As for me, I'm plugging on with We now have the credit card facilities in place, so advertising has started!

I don't have a huge budget, so I'm having to plan carefully, but am pleased to have built a following on facebook of over 500 fans in just under 2 months!

If you write a blog - feel free to give me a plug :)

Here are a few recent pics of the girls - can't believe how big they are these days!

Enjoying an ice lolly in the garden on a hot summer day:

Just after breakfast we sometimes do drawing - we like to eat our (safe!) pens!

Emily wants ALL the pens...

Someone woke up with bed-head, but made up for it with a pretty smile!

Enjoying their new paddling pool:

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brit said...

Your girls are sooo adorable, thanks for sharing the pics. My little IVF miracle baby is now 15 months old and is not talking too much yet, hope that comes along soon.